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Post Pandemic life on the move, getting back to good times, classes and fun with FemDomme friends.

Hello friends, slaves, subs and patrons,

You can look forward to more frequent missives coming from your favorite Domme as we all break out of this pandemic cage and I get back to my busy pre-pandemic schedule. Be sure to follow My adventures both on social media and in person. I have a busy travel month ahead of me so keep reading to see if your lucky enough to cross my path.


First, I had a blast at DomCon LA. I was able to reconnect with my Dommes gal friends, polished up on my skills with Tara Indiana in the neurology of Kinky Brains, just like yours.

I had a fun night off in Los Angeles and ended up at The Sanctuary with some fantastic Femdommes crushing balls and braking paddles on our slaves' bottoms. Chills still run down my spine just thinking about my first group beat down. I can assure you that the naughty boys who showed up left with some red asses and aching nuts.

I also had my first DomCon photoshoot and I will add more photos to both my niteflirt and AVN account when I have them edited so be sure to check out my pages soon.

In news from my vanilla life, I have just completed my certification in hypnosis, and all I have to do is get my certificate! I will definitely transfer these skills into my kink life so beware.

Have you been wondering how you can see me?

I am building a touring route for California before the holidays, so reach out if you would like to have a session contact me. If you are in another state shoot me an email (you have my permission in advance). I am planning my next tour based upon the most requests from each geographic areas.

Now let's focus on when and where I will be in September /October, so I can get a hold of you and make you submit.

When I am in Los Angeles you can find me on Sundays at

Mistress Tara's class

Get your ticket, and become one of my practice dummies.

Below are the dates I will be in Los Angeles


10/4 – 11


Unless otherwise stated I am in Humboldt county when not in Los Angeles.

For more information/ Booking

you may call



Serious inquires only.

Deposit is 20% of session

To have a phone session, you may call me on niteflirt

Well, I am off to get ready for a session I look forward to exploring fetish and kink more with you as time goes on.

Your Supreme Goddess

Mss. Kaya Anais.

PS, Would you like to see me come to your city? Drop me a line and book a fly me to you, session today!

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