Welcome, Mistress Kaya Anais Realm of FemDomme & Erotic Hypnosis.   

Over the years I have learned to embrace my nature, leaning into the exploration of my sexuality. This has allowed me to explore life in new and meaningful ways. 
I spent the early part of my life as an enchantress of sensual tease and denial through exotic dancing. Men constantly lusted after me and vied for my attention. After a few years, I took a hiatus from the adult industry and pursued a career in medical massage therapy.

My style of practice led my clients to gave me the nickname “The Domme of Massage” Little did they know they had set the wheels in motion which would lead me on a path to a becoming an ebony Dominatrix and Hypnotist.  I do not need to extol the virtues of why you want to be dominated by me. I will say that I expect you to embrace and treat me with the respect of the female divine.

You will know the power of a Goddess who embraces both the light and dark energy.  Your compulsion to explore your true nature has led you to my door, I am interested in creating relationships with those who I feel a connection to, people that I can see building a long-lasting bond with.

  If you desire a stern mistress who never laughs that is not me. I will smile and laugh in delight at your agony. I move seamlessly between being a sadistic to a loving and caring Domme.   Come now and let me see who you are....


Enjoy this relaxation audio hypnosis 

Relaxation HypnosisKaya Anais
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I accept phone calls and text on Niteflirt 
Most days however I no longer have hours listed as they change based upon travel schedule and real-time sessions. 

You may text/ email to set up phone session. 



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Erotic Hypnosis

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a focused state of awareness, which allows the body to remain relaxed while the mind is awake. This natural mental state provides access to your subconscious mind where the change and transformation you desire begins through the use of positive suggestions.


What is Erotic Hypnosis  

We use hypnosis as a tool to help change or enhance sexual or fetish subconscious thought patterns. 
This process intensifies your arousal, (introducing mental stimuli to heighten the physical stimuli you are experiencing), increase pleasurable sensations or manage pain. You will remain completely alert and in full control of your mind and body with the ability to hear, speak, and walk around while in the hypnotic state. 

Knowing that everything is a mind fuck and the reality is you will do whatever I command. 



Hypnosis Fetish Sessions Available Online and In Person

All sessions are generally 60 minutes to 3 plus hours we will discuss length of sessions when booking.  

There is little to no physical contact in session 


~ Relaxation Hypnosis ~

Intro to Hypnosis 


This session includes an explanation about hypnosis with a focus on relaxation and setup for future sessions. 

 1-hour session 



   Physical contact may be use in this session based on what is discussed before session.   


~Hypnosis Fetishist ~


Deeply engaging and unhurried experience Hypnosis fetishist 

This is 3 hours and will include bondage and hypnosis. 


 ~ Full Hypnosis and Fetish Scene ~

Hypnosis will heighten your senses and sink you even deeper into our fantasy.

Typically hypnosis induction will happen at the being of the session to add another layer of dimension to the submissive existing fetishes.