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Welcome to My Realm of FemDomme & Erotic Hypnosis  

Discover the transformative power of hypnosis and the FemDom lifestyle with Kaya Anais. As a certified and experienced hypnotist and femdom, I offer a unique experience for those seeking to explore their deepest desires and live their best lives.

Mss Kaya Anais in Black latex catsuit

Over the years I have learned to embrace my nature, leaning into the exploration of my sexuality. This has allowed me to explore life in new and meaningful ways. 
I spent the early part of my life as an enchantress of sensual tease and denial through exotic dancing. Men constantly lusted after me and vied for my attention. After a few years, I took a hiatus from the adult industry and pursued a career in medical massage therapy.

My style of practice led my clients to gave me the nickname “The Domme of Massage” Little did they know they had set the wheels in motion which would lead me on a path to a becoming an ebony Dominatrix and Hypnotist.

  I do not need to extol the virtues of why you want to be dominated by me. I will say that I expect you to embrace and treat me with the respect of the female divine.

You will know the power of a Goddess who embraces both the light and dark energy.  Your compulsion to explore your true nature has led you to my door, I am interested in creating relationships with those who I feel a connection to, people that I can see building a long-lasting bond with.

  If you desire a stern mistress who never laughs that is not me. I will smile and laugh in delight at your agony. I move seamlessly between being a sadistic to a loving and caring Domme.  

Come now and let Me see who you are....

As you enter My realm.

All thoughts fade away knowing that there is nothing for you to think about or focus on except the sound of My voice penetrating your mind.

Finding yourself  falling under My spell. 

My Laughter rings in the air as I delight in having acquired a new pet. 

I will teach you to breathe, bring you to the edge of your boundaries training you to be my mindless slave.


The uncontrollable urge to consent as you feel my power and control growing with each moment. 


I am your addiction, and you are My slave forever. 

A Few of My Interests

Tease and Denial / Edging


Chastity / Key Holding / SPH / BBC


Hypnosis / Brainwashing


Foot Worship / Shoe Fetish


Smothering / Face Sitting


OTK / Spanking / Domestic Discipline


Caning / Paddling /Flogging /Whipping / Single Tail / Bastinado


Rope and Pantyhose Bondage


Strap on Training / Pegging / Sissy / Slut Training


Smoking Fetish / Human Ashtray Training / Cigarette Torture


Sensory Deprivation


Financial Domination / Goddess Worship


Edge Play / Sounding / Piercing


Slave and Obedience Training 


Dog / Leash and Collar Training


Water sports / Full Toilet Training

Mss Kaya Anais  in black catsuit

Hours of availability 
Thursday 10 pm — 12 pm

Friday 2 pm — 12 am

Saturday 5 pm-12 am

Sunday 3 pm-10 pm



Mss Kaya Anais in black bodysuit, thigh high black pvc boots holding a cane

Booking Info


Time is one of the keys to creating a meaningful relationship, becoming completely immersed into the fetish/ kink interests developing the scene and creating chemistry. 


I prefer longer sessions, giving you time to relax and for us to connect and build up the anticipation that comes as we push your boundaries and break down barriers as your mind and body connect to the experience we share. 

To make your first session as perfect as possible, leave a detailed message including your history with domination and or hypnosis.

What do you hope to get out of our session and anything else you think I should know.

As well any medical issues I should be made aware of. 

All emails must include:

-Your name

-A contact email

-3 scene interests

-3 hard limits for the scene

-In what city you are looking to serve

I will only respond to your email with complete sentences. 

All bookings must be 24hrs in advance though I prefer 3-5 days notice.

 I want to enjoy our session and typically,  only do 1-hour session for scenes like foot worship or toilet training, erotic hypnosis.

If you think you have a fetish that only needs 1 hour you may email the specific to me 

Deposits Required:

I prefer all tributes to be sent via wishtender you may look through and find the tribute that is equal to what you want to tribute Me NO MESSAGE on site send seperate email 

If you require a different form of payment processing ask Me. 

Send follow-up email to 

Mss Kaya Anais Leopard print dress long tan legs and black mules holding a whip


Mss Kaya Anais hands on hips backside of her pvc one piece in thigh high boots.

Serving your Mistress for just one session is fun, but for those who want to commit themselves, I have crafted several packages that allow you to choose the number of sessions/hours you want in a month.


*I offer these packages at a reduced rate and the package can only be maintained if paid in full each month.

Virtual sessions available 

$250 for a 60-minute session 

or four 60 -minute sessions for $750


*Ask to add in-person sessions to pkg



Mss Kaya Anais siting in chair in pvc one piece and thigh high black boots

*All sessions must be completed in 6 weeks 

2 rescheduling per session then it is marked as done.

Want to feel so close to cumming that you can taste it and have it pulled or ruined just before you feel that most exquisite release? 

Come play my tease and denial game. I dress up in sexy lingerie and tease you relentlessly, ending in a countdown. If you are lucky, I may leave you aching and throbbing, leaving you in utter agony. Or watch you lick every drop as nothing should be left to waste. 

Virtual sessions

 start at $250 for a 60-minute session 

or purchase 4 sessions for $750 which is a 20% discount 


*Ask to add in-person sessions to pkg

To book fill out contact form here 



Mss Kaya Anais standing in zip up pvc bodysuit.

*A chastity contract is required

Gone are the days of waiting for the keys to arrive in the mail before beginning Chastity training.


Now, I simply open an app and decide how long you’ll be unlocked, and with a short count down, it locks again, and with it, your last chance for an orgasm has been whisked away, or maybe I’ll be kind and allow a release as long as nothing is left to waste. 

Will you drink your cum right then and there? 


Or you will make cumomlette or have a cumbeer with me. I love watching you swallow every last drop. 


To begin your training with the remote chastity, you may purchase your device with the link below:


Or for a long-term cage


Virtual sessions available 

$300 for a 60-minute session 

or 4 sessions for $750


*Ask to add In-person sessions to the package

*All sessions must be completed in 6 weeks 

2 rescheduling per session then it is marked as done.

A sweet sadist that loves finding new ways to torture your insignificant cock.

Through My encouragement you will use  household items to show Me how far you will go for Me.

I am going to give new meaning to the phrase throbbing cock.

You are nothing but a pain slut to me. 

Weekly  session utilizing

 hypnosis to create a deeper desire to embrace your nature. 

Virtual sessions available 

$300 for 60-minute session 

or 4 sessions for $750 

*Ask to add In-person sessions to pkg


*All sessions must be completed in 6 weeks 

2 rescheduling per session then it is marked as done.


Mss Kaya Anais black body suit, corset, black thigh high boots and paddle.

I caught you jerking off with my panties again, do you have anything to say for yourself? I didn’t think so.   

You've been in anticipation of my touch, haven't you? 

Come over here, pants around your ankles, and bend over my knee. Auntie is going to make your ass so red and hot that you won't sit down for a month. 

Each strike of my hand against your flesh will remind you that cumming on my panties is privilege not a right.

Oh are you feeling humiliated with your naked ass laying on top my long, slender knees. Now I am really going to tear that ass up.

 I won't stop until you are bleeding and begging for mercy.. And maybe then I will let you use my panties……..I can always just make you listen while I pleasure myself. No cumming for naughty nephews.

Virtual sessions available 

$300 for 60 minute session 

or 4 sessions for $750

*Ask to add In-person sessions to the package.


*All sessions must be completed in 6 weeks.

 2 rescheduling per session, then it is marked as done.

Kavier and Champagne TRAINING PKG

Back close up of Mss Kaya Anais vuluptues bottom.

I am a foodie and love enjoying the rich decadence that life offers I have a few packages to offer my most loyal followers. 

Begin your training today and learn to take in some of my very own DNA. 

Aren't you so lucky to be under me?  

Virtual sessions available 

$250 for 60 minute session 

or 4 sessions for $750

*Ask to add In person sessions to pkg

*All sessions must be completed in 6 weeks.

2 rescheduling per session, then it is marked as done.




  Post covid 19  is there a deposit to hold an Appointment? 

     Yes,  a deposit of $150 is required to reserve your session and can be received in a variety of discreet ways.


            Do I have to be screened?

   Yes, I require your full name, personal phone number (no google voice/burner phone numbers), and LinkedIn or work information.

You can also be verified quickly with a photo ID next to your face.


          Do I need to bring anything to my first session?

  No, there is nothing you need to bring unless it is part of our session. However, I am always delighted when I get to open something, I have a wishlist page you may visit.  


         What should I do in preparation for my session? 

   I expect you to arrive clean; however, I have a shower to wash away the day before sessions start. If needed, you can use an enema at home, or I will have them if needed.

         What are your Fetish interests, Mistress?

   Slave & Obedience Training, Behavior Modification, Corporal Punishment, Domestic Discipline, Tease & Denial, Foot Slavery, Objectification, CBT. A detailed list exists at the bottom of My Home page. 

          What are your hard limits, Mistress?

   I do not deal with adult babies or any underage play. No animal play except for Dog training. No rape, or forced bi. No non-consensual scenes. No drugs, including the abuse of prescriptions. 



          Are you Full-Service Mistress?

   No, I do not offer full service.

         Can I book a session without using the application form? 

   No, I  spent time creating my application form to help me understand more about you and how well we will connect.


          May I bring a partner to watch?

  Yes, I love voyeurs. However, the couple's rates will apply. 


         Can I take pictures of our session?

  Yes, I love having My picture taken as long as it is for your personal enjoyment.


         I am mesmerized by you. May I take you out? 

    Yes, dinner and shopping trips are available with tribute. 


       Do you travel? 

   I am currently exploring Southern and Northern California so check and see when I am in a town near you.

If you are not in the area you will cover My day of travel and all accommodations in full. 


Half the session fee is required as a deposit

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