Time is one of the keys to creating a meaningful relationship becoming completely immerse into the fetish/ kink interests developing the scene and creating chemistry. 


I prefer longer sessions giving you time to relax and for us to connect and build up the  anticipation that comes as we push your boundaries and break down barriers as your mind and body connect to the experience we share. 

To make your first session as perfect as possible leave a detailed message including your history with domination and or hypnosis.

What do you hope to get out of our session and anything else you think I should know.

As well any medical issues I should be made aware of. 

All emails must include:

-Your name

-A contact email

-3 scene interests

-3 hard limits for the scene

-In what city you are looking to serve

I will only respond to your email with complete sentences. 

All bookings must be 24hrs in advance though I prefer 3-5 days notice.

 I want to enjoy our session and typically,  only do 1-hour session for scenes like foot worship or toilet training, erotic hypnosis.

If you think you have a fetish that only needs 1 hour you may email the specific to me 



*Deposits are required for all bookings.*


Fill out to book a session 

My control is getting stronger.