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The Magical life of Mistress KayaAnais

Another day in the life of Mistress Kaya Anais it has been a busy week working on some newNiteFlirt listings and audios for all My slaves, pets, parishionerssurrendering your will and finding a peace in being owned.

Seeing as how I am always thinking of My slaveIwanted to sharefeedback from O/our

recent hypnosis session where Iturned him into a bird and then a dog, it was quite delightful to watch. Especially as he repeatedly tried pushing earplugs into his ears with paws.

So here is a hypnosis can be like from the perception of a slave.

Hey Mistress Kaya,

So i wanted to review my experience with You. First it takes me to a very relaxed space.
Then it feels a bit dreamy. it's a tug of war in my brain. A voice that sort of speaks to me throughout. it is my conscious awareness of the experience. Then there is the flow of the experience itself. That i am guessing is the unconscious or part that is being manipulated by You. Unlike other experiences i can remember large chunks of this one.

First my finger is attached to my nose. the part that speaks says let go of the nose this isn't real. i know on a conscious level i can disrupt the process at any time. the mental stream i am in is pleasant however and feels almost automatic in its reaction. It feels like it has a bigger voice, at least in the moment more than the voice that says let it go. It feels pleasant to succumb to the narrative that my finger is indeed stuck to my nose and actually, feels a bit like a mental strain in trying to remove it. It felt a bit like a magnetic force it just wasn't an option.

Deeper," be like a bird". This is when the voice began to Panick and i felt as if my fingers on the nose was like a beak. i began to feel a bit like a bird. my inner voice grew a bit uneasy as i felt control slip away. i think in some ways i was in and out of the moment. i felt a bit horrified and overwhelmed at times but a persistent calm and relaxation also encompassed me the entire time, it's as if it was a separate entity from the voice.

Finally. The pet dog. i felt no resistance in accepting the position. an entirely embarrassing predicament. i felt no uneasiness, no obstacles, i just felt controlled. i didn't feel stupid or embarrassed and felt committed to whatever suggestions You spoke of.

Throughout i also remember feeling in awe of Your beauty. Like Your always beautiful but this felt an almost next level attraction.

Finally coming out of it didn't seem to stop the meditative calm. i didn't feel weird about anything that happened. i just felt calm. i had no negative emotions. i even felt it lasted into the day at work to some extent.

my final take. i dont know what to say about it. It was super pleasurable, somewhat scary and i felt completely controlled. i kinda of get Your point. Don't mess with You! cause You seem to have built a skillset that can take me anywhere You want.

While i'm in this state i do feel like i am on autopilot and You are steering.

I know I enjoy reading the feedback I get I wonder will it be your feedback to make onto My blog next?
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