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Welcome kinksters and fetishists

My BDSM origin story began when I was much younger watching a male friend get slammed in his groin by his skateboard. I laughed so hard my sides ached and I have never stopped laughing when males are in pain. Later I found I enjoyed it even more if I was the one inflicting the pain and in that moment a seed was planted that would need much water over the years.

It took many years before I would make the connection and embrace my true nature no stranger to the sexual world. My resume includes exotic dancer almost 20 years, Cam Model 12 years before I left the adult world and became a medical massage therapist. Soon I found my love for inflicting pain through healing and perfected it to an art that became a specialty. I loved my work. The human body is a canvas and my fingers could read the lines and road map of human flesh gliding slowly over every, feeling my way intimately connected intuitively sensing what the body needed.

Wimpers, tears and screams where all met with a rolling laughter staring in the deepest parts of my belly. The more you squirmed or cried the happier and more interested in the work I became.

A rotator cuff tear led to the end of my career but not before I made the connection that pain and pleasure are very similar and that I should look more into the world of domination.

So I started to explore and as I did so found my way into hypnosis decided to learn more and graduated a master hypnotist 12 months later. I still take many classes mostly on domination there is endless exploration through learning..

Send an email and tell Me your origin story....

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